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Gioia Beauty Bar & Spa in Ontario was founded to elevate the spa experience to a new art form. Drawing inspiration from world-class European & American day spas & beauty salons, we combine the finest traditions with nourishing innovations to transport you from the stress of everyday life. Our dedicated, professional therapists will treat you to the ultimate in relaxation and renewal. By using the very latest in aesthetics and laser technology, the highly trained professionals at Gioia Beauty Bar & Spa Toronto deliver results you can trust.



Are you tired of the inconvenience and hassle associated with unwanted body hair? At Gioia Beauty Bar & Spa in Toronto, ON M6K 0A3, we offer the full range of male waxing services using premium wax products for beautiful, conditioned skin that feels soft and clean. 

The hair removal service from our beauty salon & spa in Toronto, Ontario offers a path toward smooth, silky skin. A comfortable hot wax, removing hairs as short as 1 mm, offering long results available on even the most sensitive skin and more comfortable for the client.


Our male waxing therapists will make first-time waxers through to veteran waxers feel comfortable and great. All skin and clients are different, and our male waxing therapists are very thorough in delivering pre and post waxing care to make sure that the smoothness and professional finish you experienced in the salon lasts as long as possible.

Some of our professional waxing services in Gioia Beauty Bar & Spa Toronto:

  • Eyebrows (waxing / shaping)
  • Chest wax
  • Back wax
  • Stomach wax


Pedicures are one of the most-required spa services in every nail salon Toronto, ON M6K. It’s easy to catch sight of a woman lying on a pedi chair while soaking her feet in a spa foot tub. But it’s rare to see a man spending his time in any foot spa. That lack of attention can lead to pain and other foot problems. 

There are numerous benefits to having healthy feet, and this can be encouraged by performing top-notch pedicures at our upscale beauty bar Ontario. A pedicure must be included in everyone’s personal care list regardless of their gender. We encourage every single man to climb aboard the foot care train.


A wise man should acknowledge that it is important to take care of his feet. Why said that? Because a lot of diseases actually manifest themselves in the feet. Those diseases range from the uncomfortable to the life-threatening. Many men suffer from a variety of foot issues, and that’s when the pedicure spa treatments are essential for every single man. You shave, shower and get a haircut? Then what's wrong in getting a pedicure done?

Some of the best pedicures provided by our beauty spa in Ontario M6K 0A3:

  • Classic Pedicure
  • Deluxe Organic Pedicure Spa
  • Hot Stone Pedicure Spa

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Back when our grandfathers used to frequent the neighborhood barbershop for a haircut and beard trim, male manicures weren't considered uncommon. In fact, it was often routine for many of the old-fashioned local barbers to offer to clip, buff, and shine your nails each time you visited their shop.

But, the first manicured males actually date back thousands of years. Men belonging to the Ancient Babylonian civilization used kohl to color their nails. Varying shades were worn to show off one's social class.


Believe it or not, we can thank the pampered Babylonian males for giving us the world's first, and most luxurious, manicure set. They must have appreciated the value of well-groomed nails.

Most men don’t take care of their nails properly. They just clip them when they see that they’re overgrown, and that’s it. Nails with poor care can look unattractive and reflect poorly on a man’s hygiene.

Some of the highest quality manicures for men in our beauty salon:

  • Classic Manicure
  • Combo Mani-Pedi 

Men Beauty Toronto, ON M6K 0A3

The "healthy-is-beautiful" trend started some two decades ago. 

There are so many benefits to dressing up or glowing up for the next couple of weeks for the holiday season, but the most important reason is because you deserve it. To treat yourself properly in celebration of the upcoming Christmas & New Year’s Eve, pay us a visit soon! We are a sanctuary, a place of wellness and beauty (especially men beauty), inspiration and optimism. Explore our many result-driven beauty treatments and schedule your relaxation at our best beauty spa & nail salon in Toronto, ON M6K 0A3 today!

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